Character Sheet

Player characters are defined, at least mechanically, by three sets of information: their Traits, their Tricks, and their Talents. Traits are core attributes, things like Tenacity and movement speed, that describe your most basic capabilities. Tricks are active abilities, special things that can be done, typically a feature of the character’s class. Talents are passive skills, things like knowledge or specialties.


Power (d6) Precision (d4) Perseverance (d6)
Body (d8) Strength (d6+d8) Dexterity (d4+d8) Tenacity (d6+d8) Health (40)
Mind (d4) Intellect (d4+d6) Clarity (2d4) Equanimity (d4+d6) Wit (28)
Spirit (d6) Charisma (2d6) Finesse (d6+d4) Composure (2d6) Charm (34)
Might (36) Stealth (30) Grit (36)



Character Sheet

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