“Welcome travelers!”
As you make your way into the smoky gloom of the tavern’s main hall, you’re greeted by a booming salutation from the boisterous innkeeper. You’re shocked to discover the source of the voice, a pale and featherless Ciel of considerable years who welcomes you heartily and ushers you towards the fire.
“Come in come in, and make yourselves comfortable. Welcome to the Creaky Creten! By the titans you lot look weary. Come, warm your bones by the hearth. Have you any news of the Absolution, by chance? What? The Absolution, the Empire’s flagship, of course! You’ve never…?”
Your host’s hospitable enthusiasm is suddenly replaced by a sullen weariness. He rubs the smoke and grit of the day from his eyes, then looks you over more closely through a look of confused concern.
“Oh my. You folks really have traveled farther than most, haven’t you? Here, have a drink, it’s on the house. Well I know not where you’ve come from or how you got here, but if you’ll accompany me to my home across the alley, I’ll teach you the ways of our world.”

Welcome to Xin!

This is the homepage for my brand new campaign, Xintian Legacy, and the new system I’m developing for it. There’s isn’t a whole lot here yet, as it’s still very much a work in progress. For now, why don’t you take a look at my wiki? There is some helpful info there, and I’d love any constructive feedback.

Xintian Legacy