Arcane Arts

Xintian Legacy uses a homebrewed character advancement system, drawing inspiration from (and hopefully paying tasteful homage to) a dozen or so different published role playing systems I’ve played with and enjoyed. Characters are defined by their Traits, which are their core attributes, and their Talents, which describe what their affinities are. Some Talents provide situational bonuses to Trait roles, and other Talents provide Tricks, unique actions and abilities. There are six distinct flavors of the Arcane that the inhabitants of Xin have access to, each a categorization of several separate disciplines based on similarities in the underlying systems and a rough affiliation with Xin’s pervasive elemental hexagon.
These six Arcane schools are, in no particular order:

ALCHEMY – The synthesis and modification of materials and through their application the manipulation of the world at large. Alchemists learn formulas to produce useful items, modify materials, and even physically change themselves or their companions.

CHEREMANCY – The channeling and shaping of energies drawn from the natural elemental currents that flow through the world, and the expression of these raw energies to spectacular effect. They align themselves with one of the six elements, suffusing themselves with the ideas that their given element represents.

THAUMATURGY – Miracle workers, pious proctors praising powerful Patrons, exchanging worship for blessings, living within restrictions and furthering their benefactors’ goals largely in the hopes of receiving miracles; clerics and healers, more often than not.

ENGINEERING – The fusion of energy and substance, designing fantastical Engines and arranging arrays, engineering machinations for the good of the people…mostly.

SHAMANISM – Shamans are somewhat akin to thaumaturges with a more natural bent. However, where thaumaturges channel the powers of their patrons, Shamans draw their powers from binding the spirits of powerful entities directly to themselves.

PSIONICS – All arcane powers are achieved by resonating one’s internal energies with the energies of the surrounding world. Psions, however, have learned to directly utilize these internal energies to bolster themselves and undermine their enemies.

Arcane Arts

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