Plot Points

A list of seeds and general ideas for adventures or full campaigns.

THE ANGEL – The Dallams, ancient Xintian ruins left over from Second Great and Bountiful Age, have sat dead and quiet for untold eons. Many are little more than skeletons, picked clean by centuries of weathering and intrepid explorers. But something has happened; crystalline conduits are glowing with long-lost power, and ancient mechanisms are rumbling to life. It seems that something is waking up.

THE DRAGON KING – Warped into a Draconian form by a remnant weapon of the fallen Tolyani, a former treasure hunter seeks to draw back into creation the vestiges of a banished demigod. He hopes for salvation, but the lost soul’s intentions are much darker…

TO BREAK A HEART – Zilargo is a wasteland city maintained by magic of an ancient artifact, which gives the governing council the power to control the sands and winds of the desert. Despite the isolation they thrive, exporting precious mineral salts and finely sculpted arts. They seek heroes to help patrol the outer wards.

RELAK’S ROUGHNEKS – Over the last decade the mountain tribes have been victim to a mass exodus, slowly losing a war against the emerging threat of the Kythons. Bit by bit, they’ve lost ground to the growing hordes as the horrors have overwhelmed outposts and mining complexes. Now the unthinkable has happened: A Slaughterking has arisen, and lead his brood in a successful siege of a stronghold city. Finally garnering support from the Empire, the border nations are amassing an army in the northwestern plateau.

TO ARMS! – It’s late at night in the player’s rural hometown hamlet, and they awaken to the smell of smoke and the sound of distant cries. Stepping from their homes they find the quaint village under attack by a group of strange diminutive cyan lizardfolk dressed in straw constructions. What are these wretched things, and why are they attacking this sleepy bordertown?

PURITY – It starts as any other day in your coastal village, though a little stormy for this time of year. The coralsmith and his apprentices harvest the coral for their craft, the farmers care for the village’s crops, the weathermage does his best to keep the lightning at bay. Then ships appeared on the horizon, and the guards sounded the sirens…

CORRUPTION – Children have been going missing. Sad, but not typically newsworthy. The city guards do their duty and search for the culprits, but those ubiquitous street urchins come from somewhere. But now, it appears that they’re coming back, and they’re coming back…different. They seem distracted, and their eyes have gone all barmy and… purple. What the hell is going on?

Plot Points

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